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123 hp printer support

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We offer manual and tips to setup the hp deskjet printer and resolve the distinctive issues of the printer. Our customers are the first priority and their security and assurance is essential for us. Our minute plans are gathered with all the printer solutions for the issues that are faced by customers.
Our technically qualified experts will assist you from basic issues to the most complex issues as they are handling many issues daily. Without any oscillation, reach our customer support when you are struggling with the hp deskjet printer setup and issues.

Our Focus – HP Deskjet Printer Setup

HP Setup and install

Follow the stepwise instructions and execute the steps manually to complete the 123.hp.com/setup to supplement the printer functions.

HP Driver Installation

Download and install the full feature of the  hp printer driver to maximize the existing printer features and to enjoy the new updates.

HP Wireless Setup

To print files from a distant place, you will have to accomplish the wireless setup by following the gentle instructions.

How to Setup And Install HP Printer? – First Time Printer 123.hp.com/Setup

  • First, remove the external tapes and stickers from outside of the printer box to eject the  Printer device carefully.
  • Search for a better place to fix the Deskjet Printer device. Make sure that the surface is flat enough.
  • After placing 123.hp.com printer device, proceed to the below steps to accomplish the complete printer setup.
  • Once you have fixed the printer device close to the computer, connect the one end of the cable to the available port of the  Deskjet Printer device.
  • Handle the other end of the cable to the computer to confirm the power cord connection.
  • Once you have ensured the connection, check whether the connection is complete and free from disturbances.
  • Before installing the ink cartridges to the slots of the  Deskjet Printer device, remove the tapes and stickers from the cartridge slots.
  • You are supposed to touch only the black plastic portion of the ink cartridges. Hold it firmly and get them closer to the cartridge slots.
  • Once you have fixed the cartridges to the slots, close the access door of the Deskjet Printer device.
  • Arrange the sheets of papers to get it loaded to the input tray of the  Deskjet Printer device.
  • Mount the papers gently to the main input tray of the  Deskjet Printer device and then you will have to adjust the sides.
  • Adjust the sides of the papers until it slides down the edge to complete the  123.hp.com/setup.

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123 HP Driver Installation for Windows and Mac

To note the latest features regularly on the Windows and Mac, you will have to download and install the full feature of the  Printer driver. Follow the gentle steps to complete the  driver download.

  • Turn on the Deskjet  Printer device and get it connected to the active network. Go through the below steps for installation of the driver.
  • Search for the suitable  Printer driver from the list of drivers and make a gentle click on the selected Printer driver.
  • If it prompts you to connect the USB cable, establish the firm connection and then start to download the driver by following the onscreen instructions.
  • Check whether the cable is of minimum length and then connect the ends to the printer device and to the computer.
  • When it prompts you to choose the connectivity, select the desired one for establishing the connection to accomplish the complete driver installation.
  • Once you have completed the installation, disconnect the cable from the port of the  HP Deskjet Printer device and conclude the installation process.
  • To install the Printer driver on Mac, you will have to Power ON the device to attain the active state on the HP Deskjet Printer device.
  • Visit the official site of  and then select for the desired Printer driver from the list of drivers. If it prompts to connect the USB cable, connect it wisely.
  • Establish the firm connection between the printer device and the computer to start the hp driver installation process by following the onscreen steps.
  • Confirm the compatibility of the Mac version and then follow the steps further to select the Apple menu for choosing the desired option.
  • Select system preferences option and follow the steps for adding the printer device to the list. Even you can remove the device, based on the printer availability.
  • Once you have completed the installation, remove the cable from the available ports of the devices and attempt printouts to check the installation.
Printer Platform Support

Mac Setup

Things can be made simpler on your windows PC on the off chance that you have you windows 7 Working Framework or higher adaptation. Windows gives numerous select alternate routes print your desiring information.

Window Setup

10.7 OSX will be the base prerequisite for Printers. guarantees you abnormal state security on the records and documents you print. Your print occupation will be tasteful with the printers.

Cloud Print Setup

To take prinouts from virtual storage, download and install the smart app and configure the settings required to print documents and files from cloud print app to end with seamless printing.

Smart Phone Setup

To print your private information, you ought to never share that to any capacity gadget.  thumps out these issues by giving the versatile printing highlight as extra.

For Instant Support And Queries On All Types Of HP Printers, Call-Us @ 1 866 268 8890

HP Wireless setup

To print files remotely, you will have to establish wireless setup for the 123.hp.com/dj2600 Printer device. Adjust the wireless network settings and then reach the active network section for connecting the printer device.

123 HP Deskjet Wireless Setup for Windows
  • Before establishing the wireless setup on windows, turn on the Deskjet Printer device and locate the home screen of the printer device.
  • Choose the wireless option, which will take you to choose the wireless menu for selection of wireless network settings to select the 123.hp.com/setup option.
  • From the list of wireless routers, you will have to select the desired one for connecting the  Deskjet Printer device and wireless router to the wireless network.
  • When it asks you to enter the name and password, enter it manually to configure the active network connection in the form of a wireless network.
  • Wireless Setup Wizard option will let you choose the desired network from the list of active wireless networks. Click on that for connecting the printer device.
  • Wait for few seconds to get the Deskjet  Printer device connected to the active wireless network and attempt to print files from the printer device.
123 HP Deskjet Wireless Setup for Mac
  • To establish the wireless setup on Mac, you will have to turn on the  Deskjet Printer device and connect it to the computer.
  • Install the latest  Printer software on the compatible OS. So, that you will find various ways for connecting the printer device to the active wireless network.
  • Collect the required information like username and password to ensure the network security. Enter it manually to authenticate the router and the printer device.
  • Arrange a wireless router close to the printer device to ensure the close and active network connection for the 123.hp.com Printer device.
  • To connect the printer device and the router to the WPS Setup, you will have to manually enter the passphrase to secure the active network connection.
  • Once you have completed the wireless connection, you can print files from the  Deskjet Printer device to confirm the wireless setup.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting Solutions

 Troubleshooting becomes easier when you seek proper guidance from our experts. So, if stuck with any of 123.hp.com printer issues, call our technicians to fetch the best instant solution. Our guide will be with you until the issues have been solved.

PaperJam Error

Data outloaded

Ink Cartridge Problem

Paper Feed Problem

Fax Problem

123 HP Deskjet FAQ’S

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How do I connect my HP printer to WPS?

Reach the printer control panel for selecting the wireless option. From the listed option, choose the WiFi Protected Setup option. Firstly, select the WPS button your 123.hp.com printer. After hitting the button, you should hit the WPS button on the router..

How do I scan a document onto my computer?

Firstly, load your original document on the scanner bed. Align it with the printing side on the scanner glass. From the HP Scan, hit the Scan option. Now, you will get the preview screen for editing. Then, click the Scan option.123.hp.com/setup.

Why is my printer not connecting to my computer?

Initially, check if the printer is in running state with the network connection. And also, check if both the hp deskjet printer and computer stay in the same network. If not, connect it to the same local network and proceed.

How do I scan a document and upload it to my computer Windows 10?

It is so simple to scan the documents from the Windows 10 computer. To open the Scan app, go to the Start menu. The app will have the default scan settings for better-scanned copies. If you want to change it, do it so and click on Scan option. .

How do I use an HP Deskjet printer?

To use your HP Deskjet printer, unpack it from the box. Then, clear the tapes and stickers from the parcel. After removing the packaging material, connect your power cord. Now, insert the ink cartridges and sufficient paper for your HPDeskjet printer support.

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