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This page is for HP Deskjet Printer Setup 2620, 2621, 2622, 2623, 2624, 2630, 2632, 2633, 2634, 2635, 2636, 2640, 2652, 2655, 2680, deskJet ink advantage 2675, 2676, 2677, and 2678 All-in-One printers.To set up your deskjet printer for the first time, remove all packages, connect the printer power cord, install the ink cartridges, and then load paper in the printer input tray. Each Deskjet model comes with stylish look, compact size and different benefits. The models might be different but the goal is to output high print quality in timely manner. hp deskjet printer copes up with latest technology to print from any device. Deskjet is user friendly in such a way that it can be handled by any age group. Go with Deskjet for efficient and easy prints.

123 hp printer support

123 Deskjet Frist Printer Setup

Step 1: Remove the deskjet printer from the box
Remove the Deskjet printer from the box, and then remove all tape, and package materials from the deskjet printer.
1. Remove the printer from the box.
2. Remove all tape and package materials from the outside of the deskjet printer.
3. Lower the output tray, reach inside the printer, and then grasp the handle and lower the ink cartridge access door to open it.
4. Remove all tape and package material from inside the HP deskjet printer.
5. Make sure you remove all hardware and materials from the box before discarding the box.

Step 2: Connect the deskjet printer power cord
Plug the printer into a power source to turn on the deskjet printer.
1. Connect the printer power cord to the back of the printer, and then plug the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet.
2. Press the Power button to turn on the 123 hp deskjet printer.
3. Wait until the deskjet printer is idle and silent before you continue.

Step 3: Install the ink cartridges
Install the HP ink cartridges that shipped in the box with your deskjet printer.
1. Remove one of the ink cartridges from its package.
2. Remove the plastic tape.
3. Hold the ink cartridge by its sides with the contacts toward the deskjet printer, embed the ink cartridge into its opening, and afterward tenderly drive the ink cartridge until it fits properly.
4. Repeat these steps to setup the other ink cartridge.
5. Close the ink cartridge access door, and then close the printer output tray.

Step 4: Load Paper into the input tray
Load plain, A4 paper in the printer input tray after you setup the ink cartridges.
1. Raise the input tray.
2. Move the paper width manage all the way to the left.
3. Load a stack of empty white paper into the deskjet printer input tray.
4. Move the paper width guide to the right until it rests at the edge of the paper.
5. Below the printer output tray, and then pull out the tray extender

Step 5: Install the printer software
1. Your Deskjet printer hardware is now set up and you can setup the printing software. Do not attempt to connect the deskjet printer to a computer until instructed to do so in the hp deskjet printing software.
2. Download the latest version of the printing drivers from the following HP Deskjet website: 123 hp driver download.

123 Deskjet USB Connection to Wireless

HP Deskjet Printer wireless setup
1. Prior to installing the deskjet printer driver and linking the printer over the HP Deskjet wireless printer.
2. Switch on the system, router and printer. Link the system over the wireless network with an internet access.
3. Ensure that the printer and system are linked to the same wireless network.
4. Download and install the full features drivers that support the wireless network connection.

HP Deskjet Printer wps pin
1. Enable the WPS push button mode on your deskjet printer.
2. Please check deskjet priner manual to locate this function as it may differ from model to model.
3. Now press the WPS button on the router and This has to be done within 2 min, once the WPS option enabled on the printer.
4. Press the setup button and choose the network menu option on the deskjet printer’s control panel.
5. Choose your wireless network name from the list or add network name manually.
6. Enter your password. Password is Case sensitive.
7. Your HP deskjet printer should be ready by now. If not, print a copy of wireless network report
8. So that you will be able to track down the issue.

USB Connection

HP Deskjet Printer USB connection

1. This method is used by deskjet printer without a touch screen.
2. If this is the first time installation of deskjet printer driver, the software may not find the printer on the network.
3. You have to create a wireless connection for the deskjet printer.
4. Your printer needs to be connected to your computer using USB cable temporarily. Connect the USB cable only after the software ask you to do so.
5. Both your computer and deskjet printer should be in the same network.
6. Now in connection type wizard in your computer, select USB as the preferred connection type.
7. Then press yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.The software will automatically discover your wireless settings. Now your HP deskjet printer is ready.

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